The top 3 cheap holiday destinations to travel to

You don’t need to have all the money in the world to start traveling. Yes, some of your travels can be really expensive, but this doesn’t mean that all holiday destinations are expensive. There are some great countries and places where you can have a wonderful holiday without worrying about your budget. The only secret according to my friend while we were enjoying Seguin river tube rentals , is that you should know what these holiday destinations are, that are cheap and affordable. These are the top three cheap holiday destinations that you can travel to.


India might not be the ideal holiday destination. For many reasons. However, if you are looking for a country with a different culture and where you don’t need to have lots of money before you can visit, then India is the country for you.

It isn’t as unsafe as what many people might think. If you are doing your research and making sure that you know the parts of India that are unsafe, then you will not have a problem. The only advice is that you should make sure that you don’t book at the cheapest hotel that you can find. It might not be something that tourists want to stay at.


Cambodia might not be a popular country that tourists are going to all the time. However, this is a great place to visit if you are on a strict budget.  The great thing about Cambodia is the fact that there are many great tourist attractions that you can visit and enjoy.

It is a safe country, so any safety concerns will not be an issue here. Accommodation is really affordable, and local food is cheap. You can experience the country’s culture in full, without worrying about your budget.


The third country that you can visit on a budget is Laos. You will be surprised at how beautiful this country really is. Staying there is affordable, their food is cheap and they have some great places that you can visit.

Because this isn’t a popular tourist destination, you will be able to enjoy all of the tourist attractions ( and there are many of them) without struggling in a crowd. This is the ideal place to travel to, if you want to spend time with family and friends, without having problems with too many tourists.

You don’t need to have lots of money to travel and to see the world. You might not be able to see all the popular tourist countries, but you will still have a great time. There are many people that prefer traveling to countries that aren’t crowded and that is cheap enough to afford. These three countries are offering everything you want and it doesn’t cost too much.